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IdeaTV BigPicture is IdeaTV group’s foray into the Digital Entertainment space. It is the video on demand platform, part of IDEATV, one of India’s fastest growing media networks. With over two decades of experience in the media and advertising sector, IdeaTV group, is set to conquer millions of hearts by connecting directly with the audiences and offering them the entertainment they want and truly deserve. At BigPicture we believe in a healthy entertainment that is exclusive and tailor made just for every audience, in a true desi way. The true flavour of our wonderful nation with a diverse culture and myriad traditions must be put on a global palate.


Well, just about everything! OTT platforms mostly have been launched to promote home productions. But we, at IdeaTV BigPicture, apart from our own exclusive home productions aim to give upcoming, extremely talented film makers a platform to screen/ release their movies at the rates they decide. FRIDAY 9 SE 12 is our special segment that gives access to those film makers who need a platform to showcase their hard work and talent to the real relevant audience, who are the ultimate judges. So if you are a film maker and are looking for a platform for your movie- documentary, web series or a commercial film all you need to do is register for free and we shall get in touch.


We know that great stories come from anywhere, especially from the real heart of mainland. To give a great push to regional programs and make them available to Indians, NRI’s and a global audience as well, Ideatv BigPicture introduces Desi Tadka. Desi Tadka adds a voice to our town and city people to showcase the true flavour of rural and traditional India. We strongly believe that our new generation needs to be fed with a lot more information about the wonders of our great nation which can be achieved by strengthening our roots in the real India and not just the metro cities.


Your kids are your pride. They shall soon be our pride too. We shall help our dear parents gloat even more by giving their truly talented kids a platform to showcase their talent in any field- All you need to do is register on our website and send us a few details about your minors’ exceptional skills in a video format. In case a video format is not ready with you, we may do the same for you. The video thus uploaded shall be a cynosure of your eye and a memory to cherish for you


We have stories from different worlds for you. Right from thrillers, mystery and crime to drama, comedy and romance; spiritual and devotional, musical and news reports and analysis, political and satirical, IdeaTV BigPicture has shows for simply everyone. We also have a special Podcasts Genre from truly talented youngsters who have just begun their careers for a similar audience.


We, at IdeaTV believe that a family that watches together stays together. So be assured our content ensures no embarrassing moments for you!


IdeaTVBigPicture is a subscription based video on demand (SVOD) service. Our service is available across multiple interfaces ranging from desktops, laptops, tablets, smart-phones to internet-ready television without any hiccups. Pure, healthy Entertainment.

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