One Platform that deals with all issues of new film makers!

The BigPicture League is a Short Film Festival by IdeaTV BigPicture to bring young talent to the fore.

What makes BigPicture League so different in the league of Short Films Festivals?

It’s not just a short films fest, it’s way too much more!

It is the world’s first and largest league of short films which gives every member an equal opportunity to play- they get to bowl, bat and even field in every match! Movie release, Earnings through paid tickets and a superb chance to win awards!

BigPicture League is set up to encourage and promote budding short film makers and give them a platform to display their creativity and talent. Most film festivals offer disappointment to new film makers as only a handful get the opportunity to have their movies screened and even fewer get awards. IdeaTV BigPicture after a detailed and exhaustive research, decided to bring this talent to the fore and let the audience decide what it wanted to watch.

The BigPicture League- Short Film festival is unique in the following four ways-

  • It gives an opportunity to every short film maker to release his movie on our OTT.
  • It ensures promotion and publicity of the short film as the channel promotes its festival on various social media platforms.
  • Film Makers also get to decide their own ticket window and in the process earn also.
  • Participation in BPL ensures a global exposure

An international vision with a healthy competitive spirit and creative growth through constant interactions is what shall make BigPicture League the undisputed leader in Short Films Fests. All short film makers can learn and earn through watching a galore of creatives, comment and share respect at a global level. Make use of this wonderful opportunity and register NOW!

Dates & Deadlines
  • Dec 31, 2021
    Early bird deadline

  • Jan 31st, 2022

    Regular Deadline

  • Feb 28th, 2022
    Late Deadline-(Late fee of$5)

  • March 20th, 2022

  • Standard - $50

    Screening on IdeaTV BigPicture OTT platform and entry to BPL Awards. Film Duration- 3-7 min

  • Premium $100

    Screening on IdeaTV Big Picture OTT platform with entry to BPL Awards with some promotion. You also have option of Paid Ticket release. Film Duration should be 7- 20 minutes only.

  • Gold- $ 250

    Film Screening on IdeaTV BigPicture OTT platform with Tickets and entry to BPL Awards. You also have option of Paid Ticket Release and earn through this segment. Film Duration- Above 20 minutes.
    Spl benefit for Gold Registrants-
    BigPicture Creative and IT team shall extensively promote short films registered in this category through advertisements and creative promotional campaigns.